Monday, April 25, 2005

Fallen Officer

Saturday a police officer in my community was shot and critically injured. They just announced he is brain dead; his family has decided to give his organs and are waiting for the transplant to happen tonite.
I have only lived in this community since mid-December but have adopted it as my home. I have grown to like it here even more than Bob has although he has lived here for 20 years.
He was only going to be here for 2 years so he didn't adopt Pittsburg as his home but thought of Walnut Creek the trendier town about 1o-15 miles south of here as home.
Why do I like this town? It is a real community. I guess the population is around 50000 people and its very diverse.
The cost of housing is so expensive nearer to the city ( San Fransisco) that this area has become attractive to people in recent years.
Its big enough that we have all the things you need and small enough that there is still the sense of community.
An example is that last weekend 3 kids were killed in the neighboring town going to a quincinerra(sp) rehearsal. They weren't drinking or anything you would suspect in a teenage situation.
Just the wrong place at the wrong time.
The funeral wa here in Pittsburg last Friday. Over 1000 people turned out. That says a lot to me about the community I live in.
Now today the city will prepare to bury one of its law enforcement.
Equally sad is that the criminals who shot this man were teenagers; 18 and 17 respectivelly.
Their families will also deal with grief as well as the family of this officer and the community as a whole.
I wonder what the upbringing was that two kids would choose to react so violently to being caught in arobbery of a grocery store.
Where were their values and morals.
I know this has happened in other communities; I saw it in Houston many times.
I'm trying not to judge.
This man was doing his job. He has a son on the way in a few months.He was wearing a vest but was shot above the protection.
He is 35 years old. His mother being interviewed said " I can't imagine my life without him in it".
I so identified with that as I too have a 35 year old son who I couldn't imagine not in my life.
I wonder what al led up to this incident.
What was so desperate to these two people that they have changed so many lives in an instant.
it also makes me reflect that not one day or hour should be taken for granted because none are promised to us.
We hear this but how often do we really think about the impact any one person has in our lives?
And we never think about the ripple effect one life has. As this man is doing even in death his life has made a difference and will continue to do so. His wife will remember him in her life; his son will never know his father but through the words and images of others; his organs will give life to others that yesterday only had hope.
This community will feel the effect of his life as one officer will not be available to take that call that we make for help.
His fellow officers must be traumitized by the realization it can happen to anyone.
I shop in the store where the robbery took place. It was just remodeled not even a month ago; was just there last Wednesday.
It isn't a dive. Its as nice as you could hope a place to be. It was the first store I shopped when I visited here. The staff are pleasant and helpful and friendly. How has this impacted each one of them?
I will always remember this incident each time I visit in the future.
And each time I remember I will offer a prayer for all those involved, even the two wayward who set all this in motion.
Just think of your loved ones and let them know they are loved. You may not have the chance tomorrow.
To all mine- I love each and every one of you and my life is better because you each are in it.

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Karen said...

That is so sad!! :-( My heart goes out to his family.

Have a great day - and am glad you got your blog sorted! *HUGS*