Saturday, June 28, 2003

Dan and Keisha are off to her softball. She is in a program that is about learning the sport and having fun while playing. There are no winners or losers at this level. She really enjoys it.

I am very stiff today. Overall I really don't feel that good. I am having trouble getting the fibrofog to lift. Two cups of coffee haven't helped. I didn't sleep well last night either.
I am trying to remember to drink lots of water. I have this thing in my head that with every glass I drink I am removing toxins from my body. I don't really know if this is how it works, however, it won't hurt to be drinking lots of water.

I go Monday for the itrauterine ultrasound. Doc suspects tumors because my uterus is quite enlarged. She said if so I would probably have a hysterectomy. I have horrible pain from my right ovary also. It won't hurt my feeling to have it all come out. ( I wouldn't look forward to surgery just having it all out) I have said for years that's how we can know God is male. A female God would have had us equipped w/ velcro and when we finished with childbearing we could just take it out!

Just as a female doc will warm the speculum before a pelvic examination. I've had 3 female doctors and they always warm the instument but my male docs haven't.
You females know what I am talking about, right?

I plan on resting this weekend to conserve energy for next weekend when my sister has her party and I will see some siblings and nieces and nephews I haven't seen since 1994. I want so much to feel better.

I am reminded of the promises and knowlege from Matthew chapter 6. All my needs were known before I was ever born and God will provide.

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