Saturday, June 21, 2003

I have been able to come downstairs and work on the computer a little more.
I realized in my last post I forgot to add an X to my medication " Flexeril ". I don't know if there is a medicine called Fleril but if there is it's probably for hair loss or impotence or something like that!

I took another 1/4 of the pill and it seems that I am tolerating this better than taking all at one time. I will have to try it over a period of a few days and if I continue to get good results I'll let my doctor know. I am feeling a little woozy but not like if I take the whole pill at once.

Today I heard on the morning news that this was the first weekend in 7 weeks that we weren't going to have rain. Good news.

I was helping Keisha open a carton of milk today and she said my hands were smelly because I am old! I can't wait until she gets up in years to remind her of her perception of " old people".
One day I told her that her Mom and Dad would be old and she started crying. She really has an aversion to us old people! I am not quite 51 yet. I wonder what she will do when I really am old?
Can you believe Cher is 56? Of course, if I had her money I could look pretty good myself!

This morning Keisha announced she didn't wet the bed last night. Jennie and I went in her room to check and sure enough it was dry! Go Keisha.

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