Friday, June 06, 2003

Today is sunny again and it's so nice to see. The temperature is climbing back to seasonal levels. There is some rain predicted for tonight or early morning. I can feel it however it is better than some days I have had lately.

Dan has programmed country music on " Musicmatch Jukebox " for me. It is nice to hear while I am here at the computer.

Yesterday I was able to go pick up my new glasses. Thank God for Ohio Blindness. I knew my eyesight had deteriorated but what a difference. It's taking some adjustement to get used to again.
I had Keisha w/ me as Dan had to go to a therapy appt. I brought along a couple of books and we read them and there was a Highlights magazine. She loves those and we had fun going through it. She seemed to be in awe as I told her I used to read those when I was a kid and so did her Daddy.

She was pretty well behaved and I only had 1 episode before her Dad came back to get us.She was tired as she had been up since early morning before Jennie left for work.
I was wondering what her reaction would be since there were so many old people there. She doesn''t quite know what to think about us " old" people.
When she acted up I told her I could put her nose on the wall. An elderly man sitting next to her said that happened to him one time and it was there so long it turned red. He learned his lesson he said. She just stared at him for a short time and observed his red nose and was different after that. I wonder what was going through her head!

My love's birthday is Monday. I sent a card out today and hopes he gets it in time.
Last year we celebrated it on Father's Day and his son and grand children were with us. It was a great day. It was the first time the 2 of them were together and they got along as if they had been together all the time.
Lord, I miss him so much. I remember almost every moment we shared.It wasn't always pleasant and we could have a good fight but underlying was and is a great love.
I didn't understand all he was trying to teach me and was defensive and decisive.
It's taken this time for me to catch up to where he was.
He is a great person. I didn't appreciate just how much until I was away from him.
He used to think I wasn't paying attention to all he wanted me to know.I was; it was just overwhelming.
No one has ever loved me as he did and I hope still does. It was so foreign to me I just didn't get it.
He probably wouldn't believe the impact he has on me.

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