Saturday, June 21, 2003

I haven't blogged all week. Actually, I tried in the middle of the week and something happened when I went to post and publish and it didn't take. I was too tired to rewrite again.
I am in the storm of a fibromyalgia flareup and have been for weeks.Those of you who have it know what I am talking about.
Its hard to even type for any length of time.
I am reading a new book called " Women living with Fibromyalgia". I reserved a copy from the library. The book covers a whole range of topics and is a lot of comments from other sufferers. It has been enlightening and helpful.
I have discovered that previously unrelated complaints are actually part of this disease.
It helped to know I was not the only one going through what I go through. Almost everyone deals with the factor that you " look " healthy so how can you be so sick?
If anyone else suffers from this or bipolar disease I wuld love to hear from you.
I had a nice E-mail from Annie in England who suffers from both.I feel for her as I do Know what she goes through.
I found out this week that my Pap test came back abnormal.I am scheduled for a bioposy on July 25th. That is a long time to wait and wonder if you have cancer. My mother had cervical cancer therefore this heightens my fear.
I know it may not be anything and if it is it is treatable. I know this intellectually, however, inside you you have some fear or insecurity. I think I am human.
I have given this over to God yet he knows me. I used to say if I didn't have something to worry about I would worry. That was way back in the days when I thought I had something to worry about.
So, keep me in your prayers.

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