Friday, June 27, 2003

I am feeling kind of stiff and groggy right now.I accidentaly took a half dose of Flexiril instead of the fourth that I usually take. If I take the fourth once an hour I tolerate it better than the regular or half dose at a time.
In the bokk I read it said that fibromyalgia patients are commonly sensitive to medications.
Each one I take whether for the fibromyalgia or the bipolar disorder say " may cause drowsiness". I take Claritin for allergies, Flexiril and Ibuprofen for the pain, Neurontin for the bipolar and fibromyalgia, Klonipin for the bipolar, anxiety and clenching from the fibromyalgia, Lexapro for the depression,and Remeron to sleep. And I take calcium pills because I hate milk. OH, and Flonase for the sinus part of the allergies.
I feel like I take a pharmacy!
I guess those of you who have similar problems are in the same boat.

We are having a little cool front for a couple of days. It's enjoyable as we had temps in the high 80's for a few days and high humidity. The windows are open and the fresh air is so welcome. Of course we had to have storms yesterday to have this so you know I am feeling it.

Jake has gone to the beauty parlor ( groomers). We all miss him. He is a part of the family. I've thought about writing a book called, " My son and his dog". They have had some adventures.Like when Dan took him off his leash back in the winter and he must have smelled a rabbit or some animal because he went off sniffing and slid down a huge hill.
Dan had to run back and get the car to go get him.
We were afraid he would run off before he could be found. A short time later Dan was back with Jake in the front seat.
( He has a special gizzmo that he can be stapped to)
It looked to me and Jennie that Dan was lecturing him and the look on Jake's face as he looked out the window was priceless.
It lokked to us he was thinking, OK, I know I shouldn't have gone over by the edge but if you had ahold of the leash I wouldn't have slid. I was really scared.
We were laughing so hard we both almost wet our pants.
Dan said it all worked out because Jake found a girlfriend at the bottom of the hill. I call her Gretchen. I some times here her howling in the evening. I go in and tell Dan not to take Jake for a walk because Gretchen is pining for him!
Dan tried to groom Jake himself last week. God love him. Let's just say he should keep his day job!
So the groomer is going to kind of have to give him a buzz.

I mentioned that I think of what to be grateful for each day. It's amazing when you shift gears and allow yourself to think these kind of thoughts how it can change your attitude and what you can enjoy about the life you have.

Dan has programmed some Christian music into the computer. I am enjoying giving my Lord praise as I am writing this.
I am very blessed. I have much to be grateful for begining with my faith and that God honors His Word.
Without that everything else would seem so shallow. Thank you Jesus.

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