Saturday, June 14, 2003

Guestblogging for Mom

Hi, folks. This is Dan, Margie's son. You've probably noticed that there hasn't been much activity here this week.

Mom has been feeling really "ragged." That deserves a bit of explanation. The weather here in Ohio for the past month and a half has been quite rainy. I've known people, that, when it's going to rain, know it because they feel it in their knee or elbow or shoulder. Mom feels it in her entire back. So, she's been bedridden for most of this week. Well, with a bit of an exception.

Over the past two weeks I've been taking day classes on mixology because I'm going to be a bartender. Jennie has been working as a nurse's assistant for two weeks now during the day. Keisha has been out of school since the end of May. What that means is that Mom hasn't been able to take her medicine in the morning because it makes her so drowsy, and she wants to be alert to look after Keisha during the time between my leaving for class and Jennie coming home.

This is just about her physical pain. I know there is emotional stuff going on, probably related to her having bipolar disorder, too. I'll let her blog about that when she gets a chance.

I guess I'll conclude this post with a request for prayer for my mom. I suppose a prayer similar to something I heard someone with multiple sclerosis once prayed: that she won't try to do more than what God wants her to do each day. For strength, for perspective, for joy even during suffering. For a relief of that suffering, too, if it is His will.

Feel free to leave your comments.

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