Thursday, June 26, 2003

Well I am switched over to the new Blogger version. It appears to be user friendly which is important to the non-computer geeks like me!

I have had some encoraging E-mails and comments from Other FMily.
I appreciate those a lot. It helps to know you aren't isolated.
You all may know but I didn't about an organization called fibrohugs I found online. ( )
It has a checklist and there were even more symptoms I had that I didn't associate with this illness.
If you haven't checked it out try it.
There was a letter I read to healthy people that hit the nail on the head.

Keisha likes to come and tell me about her dreams. Its really her using her imagination.
She will make up some of the darndest stories. She reminds me of her Uncle PJ when he was that age. He would make up some humdingers.
She really likes to tell stories about my kids when they were small or even stories about me and my 8 siblings.
Once in awhile I'll make up a story and she likes those to. I ususally try to incorporate a moral to it.

Dan and Jennie have been a tremendous support system. They try to understand my illnesses.
Jennie is like a daughter to me.When Dan married her the saying that I didn't lose a son but gained a daughter was true.
I can't always be the help I wish I was however I am learning to adjust to life I have not the one I planned.
I remind myself of my blessings everyday.

I can't imagine going through this and not believing in my faith.
It is a huge comfort to me to be able to rely on the Scriptures to help me through each day.

I live in Dayton, Ohio and the city is gearing up for its celebration of
" Inventing Flight ". The Wright brothers invented their airplane here in Dayton 100 years ago and Ohio is celebrating its 200th birthday this year as well.
We just found out that the President is going to be here on the 4th.
Harrison Ford is opening ceremoies and John Travolta is doing a flyover with John Glenn at closing ceromonies 3 weeks later. There will be things going on all year. If any of you live within driving distance I recommend you pay a visit here.
There is also the Wright-Patterson AFB located here and AFB musuem here and its free to attend.
Think about where we'd be today if Orville and Wilbur hadn't invented the airplane. Life would be very different. And the natural progression of that was the space program. Years ago before I moved to Houston I used to wonder why the space program should be important to me.
Over the years I was educated to understand how countless technologies we use today came from the space program.
Can you imagine life without your microwave?
This happens also to be the anniversary of Ford Motor Company, 100 years.
What would your life be like without the automobile?

So the great inventors I salute you.

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