Friday, July 25, 2003


This is Dan, Margie's son. She forwarded me an email she received earlier today, asking me to set up a link to another Bipolar blog, which I'm adding to her blogroll. Here is the text of the email she received:


While looking for other blogs related to bipolar, I came across yours. I very much enjoyed reading it, and would like to link to it from ours. Ours is and it's written to document our life and struggles with our 19 year old bipolar son. If you want to link to ours, you have our permission.

All the best to you, and God Bless,

Jon and Karen
Omaha, NE
It appears that Jon and Karen just started their blog this month, and their family is going through a rough time right now. Why not stop by and offer them some encouragement? Take care, and if you want to find me, you can usually try over at my blog, Journey Inside My Mind.

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