Friday, July 04, 2003

Happy 4th of July, America!
I want to take a moment and remind everyone that we have troops all over the world today that are defending our Constitution. Even if you don't agree with the policy of the present government isn't it great that you live in a country that you have the right to do so and there are countless men and women willing to give up their life defending your right to disagree?
To all our troops, Thank You.

We went to see the President speak today at Wright- Patterson AFB. This was my first time to be in an audience where the President was speaking. He was here to celebrate the Centennial of Flight.
He gave a very good speech.
We got to see Air Force One land. That was impressive. Also, secret service agents were out in full force as well as military personnel walking the grounds. I felt very safe.

We had to walk about 5 miles to get from where we had to park to the area where he was going to give his speech. It was hot, about 90 degrees and high humidity. At least there was a slight breeze blowing, although it really was blowing hot air.
Poor Keisha; she was very overheated by the time we got into the area. She was crying that she wanted to go home. She was thirsty. We were trying not to buy a drink because they are so expensive at these type of events.
Her little heart was racing so Dan had to take her to get a drink.
I was afraid she was going to have heat stroke.
We were going to bring our own drinks but they said on TV we wouldn't be allowed to bring them in. Also no camera cases or coolers.
I wish I had a dime for every bottle of water I saw and coolers and camera bags as well as purses and bags with things to eat. I'd be rich.
It was so hot tha the bedspread we brought to sit on was burning to our skin and it had a white background. That was one reason we brought that one so it would reflect the heat.
When we had about a third of the way to go on the way back a police officer picked us up in a golf cart and drove us to the car. He was a godsend because I had reached the point that my sciatic nerve was acting up and could hardly lift my foot. And little Keisha was almost given out again. I think Dan was feeling bad too.
Like the officer said he saved us about a half hour of walking.

Keisha said she didn't ever want to go there again. On the way out I took her to the restroom and she sat on the toilet for about 7 minutes until I told her she probably wasn't going to go. I think she was just enjoying sitting down!
All in all, she was a trooper. That was a lot for a 5 yr. old.

I think I'm going to get ready for bed. Tomorrow is going to be a rest day. Sunday is the party with my sister and some of my siblings and extended family. Can't wait!

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