Tuesday, July 29, 2003

I'm thinking of starting a new blog called " my son and his dog". Look for it in blogs near you for local showtimes! I actually conceived this idea last winter when Dan and Jake got into a dilemna. You get to figure out which is the boy and which is the dog!

Sunday night we did a fun thing to teach Keisha a Bible lesson. She began the day in kind of a grumpy mood. At church apparently she had to be disciplined twice so Dan came up with the parable of the Good Samaritan to help her understand to have a changed heart. We had a lot of fun. Jennie and I put on an Academy Award winning performance if I do say so myself.

We used Keisha's Barbie dolls and a Ken doll and a Dad doll from the Fischer Price Family set ( A brown man). The victim was Chelsea, Keisha's favorite at the moment Barbie type doll she just got for her birthday. She is dressed to the 9's with a leather coat, shoes, puse and all that. Then there is Ruth, ( temporarily named), a short doll, but cute nonetheless, ( we don't say anything bad against short people here), Ken, John, (the brown guy), and 3 teenage ghetto girls. So you get the picture.

Well, Chelsea is walking down the street minding her own her business and these 3 ghetto girls come up from nowhere and start beating the crap out of her and calling her names. They are pulling her hair and taking her shoes and taking her coat and taking her purse. then they leave her laying there hurt, bleeding, crying, bruised and scared.

Along comes one of her friends from school named Ruth but she can't be bothered. She is too busy. She walks right on past. Then along comes Ken. He stops and looks but he can't be bothered either.

He is too sexy for his own good and doesn't want to get dirty.He just keeps on going. Chelsea doesn't know what she is going to do. She is so afraid.
Along comes John in his pink Barbie car, with white wall tires and one wheel missing (Just like a black man!). He is out of his neighborhood. He needs to get to his own school. Even though he is afraid he gets out and he comes over to check on Chelsea and asks how she is. He helps her up and helps her into the car even though she is screaming how bad she is hurting and crying. He drives her to the nearest hospital and gives them all the money he has in his pocket and asks them to take good care of her and tells her he will be back to check on her.

I wish you could have seen my granddaughter's face throughout this. She was spellbound. She had tears in her eyes. Chelsea is her favorite dool so for her to be mistreatreated by people like that and ignored by her friends really hurt Keisha's heart.

I had tears in my eyes because I knew she was affected. Dan, Jennie and I did a superb acting job. I went back to my youth of street fighting days growing up in the inner city.

So think of using kid's toys to teach the kids lessons. Make the Bible come alive in moderntime.

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