Sunday, July 20, 2003

Houston gets the Superbowl

I was reading the Houston Chronicle online this morning and saw that Houston is hosting the Super Bowl next year. i wasn't sure they hasd it before I moved. The article stated that Houston needs to landscape because it is ugly.
I wouldn't have said its ugly, however, I would say it was drab.
There is no zoning so there are " gentleman's clubs " near shopping centers and churches, etc.
There is a lot of greenspace. In The Woodland where I lived they landscape all medians, etc. with wildflowers. It is so beautiful especially in the sprigtime when the bluebnonnets are in bloom.
It is something all communities could do. The Woodlands is a master planned community and the premise is that you do not see buildings from the road. They cut down as few trees as possible and promote landscaping with native plantings. These survive the elements better than hybrid plantings. All signing is done in wood or stone.
It is a real lovely hometown. If you ever have a chance to visit I would encourage you to do so.

Speaking of towns, Dayton is hosting the biggest air show this weekend. It is bigger and better to celebrate the 100th anniversary of Flight.
There are activities planned all over town. Dayton is the birthplace of Flight; Kitty Hawk, NC would disagree. That is where the actual flight took place but Dayton is where Flight was conceived and drawn up.
In December, Kitty Hawk will do their celebration.
Yesterday, we had Keisha's birthday part. The kids had a ton of fun. Jennie is so creative. Keisha wanted a " Spy Kids " party. Jennie thought up the idea to make it a movie theater part.
The kids were issued tickets she printed on the computer for admission to the house. They set up chairs " movie theater " style and the furniture was rearranged to accomodate the chairs and dining table was used as a concession stand. There was popcorn, hot dogs, nachos and candy and soda, iced tea and lemonade to drink.
Each child had their own plate, bowl and cup with their name on it to take home. And, Keisha gave all her guests sunglasses as a thank you gift.
I spent the day visiting with my sister. We don't get to visit often so we always have a lot to say.
I wanted to find out about their new adopted daughter.
What a story. She had been severly abused and their are behavioral problems on account of it.
She refuses to call my sister, " Mommy ". She calls her Mary which infuriates us. She told her she would never call her Mommy.
She is only now begining to learn empathy.
My heart goes out to her because I can emphathise with her pain. Anyone who has lived through abuse will tell you it is something you battle with all your life.
I think people who abuse kids should be locked away forever.
I have the tendency to be overprotective of my loved ones because of it.
I am vigilent about issues that may put them in harm's way.
I drive them crazy. I'm sorry but that is just how I am.

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