Tuesday, July 29, 2003

I was reading in Dear Abby that a firefighter wife wrote in telling about an online service www.firewise.org that people who live near wilfire prone areas can
access to get information as to how to make their homes and property more more secure. As someone who has been in fire service her whole life I would reccomend you take advantage of this information. There is nothing more raging than a grass or woodland fire. The heat and smoke is terrifying, searing,deafening and intense. It chokes all life out of anyone or thing in its path. It is next to impossible to get water into the deep pathways of a forest fire.
I know from personal experience that at times it has to be literally beaten down. It is exuasting in a short amount of time. I can still hear it and smell it.
And your mouth is so dry you feel you will never be quenched again.

My Dad was a firefighter; both my husbands were firefighters and I was associated with fire departments for almost 32 years personally.
If anyone has a chance to join a volunteer department and feels its something they might want to do look into it. You will be trained and never asked to do something you aren't trained to do. You can volunteer in a lot of ways. Just ask.
You better have fear every time that truch rolls. If you don't you have no business going and I wouldn't want you having my back.
You can only do your best.

Now you know why my blog is titled what it is. There are many facets to the person I am. I have had an interesting life. There are so many other experiences I haven't even touched on. I'll get to it eventually.

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