Monday, July 21, 2003

I finished a book called " Forgiving Sam ". It was a little weird in that it chronicled a life of a male victim of dexual and physical as well as psychological abuse.
It starts when he is 9 and goes on up to adulthood. It is fiction, however, I think the author had to have has some background with this subject.
Being a survivor myself I know the ins and outs and how a survivor thinks.
Our experiences may be different but the effects are the same regardless who goes through it.
It is raw in places; I need to warn you of that.
It was interesting and healing in a way to read it. It took several days to get through it.
There were times I had to put it down and do something else. Then there were times I had a flashback and needed to reflect on that.
Use your own judgement as to whether you should read it or not.

Keisha is at school today. Its her first day of kindergarten. She was pumped up. She is attending a year round program this year. Its awful quiet without her here.
Her teacher has never taught a hearing impaired student before so they both will learn something this school year.
She is excited to learn and is a good student. She learns quickly.
Her Dad took her to school today. I imagine it will be a little hard on him too.

I remember his first day of kindergarten. He was pumped up just as she is. He was also a quick learner and good student. He had an excellent teacher as it seems Keisha's teacher will be.
Her main problem will be adjusting to different rules and procedures.
So, I can't wait until she gets home today to hear all about her adventure as a kindergartener.

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