Friday, July 25, 2003

I may be changing the look of my blog soon. I am tryimg to coordinate with my friend Annie in the UK to assist me with this. She has been kind enough to offer.
I have been blessed to make new friends through my blog and want all of you to know that you are a true blessing.

I haven't been on the computer as much lately as I haven't felt well and this week I have started a new medication called Topamax. It also has a side effect that makes me sleepy, however, one benefit is it isn't supposed to cause weght gain as some of the other psychotrophic or anti-seixure drugs do. In fact, the material they gave me said if I start noticing a dramatic weight loss I am to notify the doctor. I will after I have reached my desired weight!!
It also has the potential of creating excessive thirst and excessive urination. If you experience excessive urination you are supposed to notify the doctor. How do you know if you have excesive urination if you also have excessive thirst?

I have read 2 more books since the last one. They are on opposite ends of the spectrum. One is the history behind the song, " Amazing Grace". It was written by John Newton a preacher from England in the late 1700's.
The common myth is that he wrote it while on a ship wrecking in a storm while carrying slaves from Africa and he thought he was going to die.
While he did have that experience it wasn't until much later in his life that he actually wrote the words. It wasn't put to music until much later in America.
Ironically, the slaves in America popularizered the song as it spoke to them of their trials and tribulations.
Newton, in fact, wrote many hymns. He is just well known for this one.
It was an interesting yet hard read. I found I did skim over some pages that I found boring.
He did rely on Scripture to guide him through much of his life although found himself in conflict with it also as many of us might be even today.

The other book was called " The Three Miss Margarets". It is a mystery centered around 3 elderly ladies in deep Georgia who have kept a secret for decades.
It was an easy read and entertaining. It gave a glimpse into life back when civil rights were changing and what it was like to be part of the aristrocratic South and to be part of the change when you knew certain things were wrong.

Keisha is completing her first week of school and she loves it. She loves every part of it including riding the bus with all the kids. She is just blossiming.
She has homework every night.
She has been on an antibiotic and is finishing it up. She came bounding into my room and excaimed she could could finally drink other people's drinks and eat other people's food!! I told her I didn't think that is what it meant but she could ask her Mom when she came home from school.
She can be so funny and not mean to be.
I tease her a lot but I need to let up. Dan read her a book recently that a character was teased and learned to say " so ". She is learning to do that with me. It puts me in my place and then I apologize.
I am not cruel with her just antogonizing sometimes.
She will get me back in my old age I'm sure! Of course, she thinks this is my old age now!

I recently looked into one of those " free" dating services. Its free until you want to do something with it. I discovered something about myself. I am soon to be 51 years old and have really only been on 2 dates in my entire life and they were with my first husband about 35 years ago. The first one being the junior prom and then a few months later we went to a reasonably nice German restaurant. He was a college student and this was in the sixties so there wasn't a lot of money. We sort of just group dated. By that I mean we had a group of friends we hung out with and either got together at someones house or at a park or at McDonald's. This was when a Coke was 10cents and you could nurse it all night. My curfew was 10:00.
Actually, it started out that he was going with a friend but her Dad was strict Italian and hardly let her out so I would be left to entertain him and after about a year we ended up together. After we were divorced I used to joke with her that she could have him back!
My second husband I knew while married to the first. He kind of rescued me from the first and we never really dated. He just assumed I would marry him when I was free and I kept stalling until finally one Saturday I gave in.
I loved each of them in my own way.
The first marriage lasted almost 8 years and the second over 22 years so it isn't that I didn't try.
This dating thing has me kind of scared. The usual reasons and the inadequatecies within yourself. I am overweight, my teeth need fixed, I don't have the right clothes, I am not perky anymore, will I be a conversationalist in the right topics?, my hair isn't styled, I am kind of set in my ways, I love my granddaughters and kids, I am a staunch Christian, my toes are ugly, I still smoke even though I have drastically cut back, I have my illnesses that curtail many activities, I have strech marks!, I'm no longer a spring chicken, I am emphathatetic of certain people plights and not of others, etc.
How would someone new perceive me as I am today. It is different when someone grows older with you.
I am accepting of someone else; I guess I wonder if someone else is.
Oh well, this is where I am today.

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