Sunday, July 27, 2003

Today's Proverb pretty much talk's about not suffering fools. Boy, do you know how long it took me to learn that lesson?
My mother raised us to try to find the good in everyone and to be tactful so that allowed me to be open to a lot of trusting in the wrong people.
I did get the lesson, however, sad to say, it hasn't been all that long ago.

I touched on these dating services the other day. I have not dated for like 35 years. I am scared to death and I don't mind admitting it. It is kind of creepy.
You start filling out these questionairres and you begin to feel very vulnerable. You realize how many faults you have and try to look at yourself the way another person might se you and being honest about it sometimes it isn't always the best picture.
A person who grew old with you saw the weight go on gradually. It may not bother you that another person is " a few pounds overweight" but what do they really think? How honest are some of these people? I really like the ones that submit no picture and every question is answered with " I'll get back to you on that". What is that about? Next. The ones that tickle me because at least they are honest are the ones that admit they are married and looking for
an " activities partner". I didn't go for swinging in the 70's and I ain't going for it now. Next. And this one service has the gimmick of capturing your attention by claiming this or that person is 99% or 93% or 87% compatible with you. Yeah, and he is married. Give me a break.

I would love to be in a wholesome, Christian, committed relationship someday but I'm wondering if that is in the plan for me. I have put it in God's hands and we'll see what happens.

I asked Keisha to pray for me when she was leaving for church this morning. She is so funny. She said she would if no one was looking!
I guess that is a sign she is growing up.

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