Saturday, July 26, 2003

I hope you all check out the new blog mentioned before. These people seem really nice and sincere and are Christian. I am encouraged that they are dedicated to supporting their son and finding help for him. Unfortunately, at his age and where he is in his illness he probably isn't appreciating it as he will afew years from now. So, Jon and Karen keep up the fight and we will all be praying for you to have the strength and wisdom and peace to be with you every day. You will no doubt make many friends along the way that will surprise you. They are God's gift's.

Yesterday, I went for my long awaited bioposy. What a day. I am one of those people that Murphy's law applies too. However, I look at it as a fun and exciting experience in an otherwise dull and uninteresting life!
First off, I decided I needed to check the fluids in my car before I left. I have concluded I am ADD by learning about Dan's symptoms. A normal person would have done this some time before leaving not AT the time of leaving. I did the oil stick but realized I didn't have anything to wipe it on so I just added a quart.
I checked the brake fluid and it was OK. I knew I needed power steering fluid but had no idea where to put it. I looked around. I found a gizzmo and read the lid closely ( even w/ bifocals I don't see some things too well anymore) so I hoped and decided that was where it should go. I poured it in and hoped for the best. I put all the stuff back in the trunk and found a paper towel to wipe my hands but of course it didn't get it all off.
So I proceeded to the hospital for my appointment.
I was called back and theperson said " you are here for a pap smear today". I said no, I had a pap smear and it came back abnormal so I am her for a culpestomy(bioposy). She said " the culpestomy room is in use so you are here for a pap smear". I said " no, I am here for a culpestomy and I have waited 6 weeks for this so I better be having one today". She then informed that all my pap smears have come back OK so she doesn't know why I am upset.
I informed her my last one did not come back OK that is why I was scheduled for the bioposy.
She then begins to tell me when I've had pap smears done. I informed she is incorrect as all my previous work has been done in Texas and she argues with me that I am wrong. ( don't you love this!)I then pull out the information I received in the mail explaining the procedure and the appointment card and it clearlystates " culpestomy " on it. She then asks my birth date. I tell her. She leaves the room. I use the time to wash my hands.
She returns with a doctor who explains that there is another " Margaret " who is here for a pap smear.
I explain that I didn't appreciate being treated like a dummy who didn't know what was going on with herself.
So the correct nurse comes and gets me and I made sure she had the correct chart and we go to the procedure room. OH, first we stopped for a weigh-in. I had lost 1 1/2 lbs. since my last visit. I would have lost more but its my daughter-in-laws fault. She is a very good cook.
So the gal explains the procedure and has me sign the consent form and then I am left to disrobe and get into the gown and get on the table and " the doctor will be right with you".
Well, I counted all the berries in the wallpaper border 7 X; I counted the little holes in the ceiling tiles a few times; I recited all the scripture verses I could think of by heart;I thought about the last few books I have read: I sang Amazing Grace in my head ( the verses I could remember)aaand hummed what I couldn't remember until I got back to what I did: I sang all the patriotic songs I could think of under my breath; I got down and adjusted the pillow and got back up and pushed myself to the edge ( the ladies will know what I am talking about) so I would be " in position" ; then finally, I resorted to my Catholic roots and started praying the rosary. Sister Mary Matthew in first grade told us we would always have a rosary with us because we had our 10 fingers.
So you begin with the Lord's prayer and then 10 Hail Mary's and end with a Glory Be. You go through this 5X. I completed my rosary and then remembered I really was supposed to begin with the Apostle's Creed, The Lord's Prayer, 3 Hail Mary's and then a Glory Be and then proceed. So I completed that. I figured God wouldn't care that I did it out of order because He knew my heart was in the right place.
Still no doctor. My ADD was really kicking in. I was getting curious about the stuff in the room. It had been more than 30 minutes I was waiting. I even wondered if they forgot about me. I decided to amuse myself with all that I could and when I could find anything else I would get dressed and go find someone.
So I got down from my perfect perch and kept the paper cloth around me ( why?) and roved around the drawers and cabinets and read the labels.
I walked over to the monitor. #1 Push Power button to on and press B; # 2 Push Elmo and press all other buttons to on position. I started gigling. I was picturing little Elmo from Sesame Street in the room with this important job of helping the doctor with the monitor. I could hear his voice. This was even more significant because I happen to love Elmo but Jennie hates him. Dan went to library the night before abd brought back Keisha a tape called " Elmocize ". I jked with Jennie that it was it for her.
So, by now I am getting bored and mad. I decided to get back up on the table and wait 5 more minutes and then I was going to take action. As I was trying so ungracefully get back on the table the doctor arrived.
She apologized and said she was waiting for this other doctor to be available as she herself was not as experienced at this procedure as doc# 2 was.
So, the procedure started. All was going well until my doc got some matter in her eye and had to go to the eye wash station and remove it. Well, this just about caused an international incident.
The second doc finished up. By the way it is kind of painful and unpleasant. I had 4 places they had to bioposy. For those that have not had this done, first, they swab with vinegar because this creates a chemical reaction with the bad cells; next they swab the whole area with iodine that looks black on the monitor ( that is what my doc got in her eye along w/ formaldrhyhide); they are looking into a high powered microscope and a special light ( I love clinical stuff) to find exactly where to go; then they have this long scissors and they go in and actually pull and snip and pull and snip until they get the entire area they want. It burns and stings and cramps and you aren't anethethesized. However, you also aren't in labor for 12-24 hours either.
So, as I said they found four places and they went into the uterus also.
Then, doc#2 says you will have a discharge of the iodine and blood for a couple of days but if it gets heavy I want you to call me. I inform her that although I am perimenopausal if I am unlucky enough to have a period this month it be around now so how would I know the difference? Her answer, " you use your best judgement". So, there I am.
Then, my doc comes in to inform me that if I would be so kind as to have some blood work done to make sure she is protected from her mistake. That isn't exactly how it was put but that was the jist of it.
So I get the paperwork and head off to the lab. Only because I had to wait so long for the procedure now the lab was closed. I had to find another one.
Oh, and by the way there wasn't going to be any expense to me. How kind.
So, I am told I have to trek to the other side of the complex to the main part of the hospital. Off I go. By now, I am tired and thirsty. Oh yeah, before I left my doc I had to make an appointment to come back and they give you a parking pass. This time the lady gave me a token; this figures in later.
So, I find the lab and wait my turn. I get my blood drawn and go through the hospital and outside back across to the other side where I originally was and through that building to the elevators. Now when you leave the parking garage you take level 4 to get to the clinic where my doc is so I push 4 to go back. I get off on 4 and I am wandering around trying to find the walway to the parking garage. Finally, I see a cleaning lady and she tells me from this side I have to take to 3. Go figure.
So I get in the elevator and go to the floor where my car is supposed to be. I get off and start walking to where it is supposed to be only it isn't there.
Who would want to steal Maxine? She is an '82 Nissan Maxima that isn't in the greatest shape but we don't don't tlk disparinginling of the elderly.
I'm looking around trying to figure out what to do. I won't cry because that isn't going to solve anything so I start walking. There she is on the other side. I was completely turned around. So we head down to the bottom and encounter an aalmost non-English speaking female who took her job very seriously and told me the token was no good. I told that is what was given to me so it had to be good. She said I had to give her money. I told her I didn't have any.
This went back and forth for a good minute. Now, I'm getting manic and this isn't good.
I was getting angry and knew it wasn't good but felt powerless to control it. I was very tired and I was hurting and uncomfortable.
I again asked her how would I have received the token if the lady hadn't given it to me. She said I needed to tell the lady where I was parked. I said to this lady, ' where else would I have have parked"? Her answer was the Emergency room or surgical area. I said if I did then I probably wouldn't have needed a parking pass. Now, I'm smoking mad. I think she knew it and there where about 57 cars behind me that had started honking. So she closed her window and called sombody and they told her to have me sign the ticket and be on my way. Thank God because I might have hurt her I am afraid.
So of course I caught about every red light home.
On a lighter note, Dan cooked, which means he took us out to eat at a place we like to go called Rooster's. They are known for there different kind of wings and Dumpster fries. We usually get an order of Teriyaki,garlic and Donkey wings. The Donkey are burn your face off HOT. We each get celeryw/dressing to back up the donkeys. Dumpster fries have green onions, bacon, cheese, peppers, jalapenos and I don't remember what else. A little of this and that thrown in. They are really good. We ususally get ice water and some Killean's to go along with it.
I know I shouldn't have the beer w/ my medication but its one glass and I'm not driving and it cuts through the hot stuff and regardless what anyone says I'm going to keep on doing it. But I'll welcome comments from those that care!
So, That is the one day in the life of Me.
And how was your day?

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