Saturday, July 26, 2003

I forgot to add to my story- first of all, I had female docs so they were kind enough to warm the speculums with warm water first. We know how important that is, right girls?
And, then after we returned home from the restaurant there were two messages from the hospital for me to cal back; it was urgent.
They wanted to make sure I had in fact went to the lab for the blood tests. I will add the tests were to include 2 HIV tests, 2 Hepatitis tests and one for Rubella. My doc had whispered to me when she gave me the paperwork that if she had been alone she would have washed her eye out with water from the sink and ben done with it but since the senior doc was there she had to folow procedure.
We had to go through al this to make sure she was protected from me. I guess no one considered that I might need to be protected from her.
About an hour later There was another phone call from the same person at thehospital wanting to know exactly where I had gone as she wasn't sure they could find my blood and the tests should have been run within 2 hours of the " incident".
She asked if I would consider taking a taxi to the hospital and she would pay for my trip home. I told her I had already taken medication that would make me sleepy and I really didn't want to do this. She said she didn't know if she would have access to the lab. I told her I'd bet she could find a way. She then had nerve enough to ask if I'd consider coming in early in the morning and I responded I really didn't want to.
I haven't heard anything yet today so I am going to assume all is well.
As I began with, Murphy's Law!

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