Thursday, July 17, 2003

No one I knew personally was affected by the Hurricane; my heart gors out to all those that were.

The one news event today that I think is worth noting is the accident in Santa Monica involving the elderly man killing 9 people and injuring so many.
I don't know all the particulars of course, but I do think after we reach a certain age we should be tested again to drive.
And, yes I am closer to being there than to 16 again.
I remember the last time I was getting my lisence renewed in Texas there happened to be several elderly people in line as well.
I like old people so it isn't that I am predjudiced against them.
There were at least 4 that I was shocked and appalled new licenses were isssued. They couldn't hear the person give instructions, didn't totally comprehend the vision test and could barely hold themselves up on canes.
It scared me to death to realize I was possibly going to meet up with one of these people on the road.
I remember years ago when my own father should not have been driving anymore. He was in a serious accident while driving around the Midwest on a car vacation.
To take away his driving priveledges was paramount to asking him to lay down and die.
He wouldn't wear glasses and wouldn't get hearing aids which were both needed. He had vascular problems in his legs and serious cardiac issues.
It is by the grace of God he didn't injure anyone or himself. Or worse.
So I have compassion for this gentleman however, I have to wonder if his lisence should have been revoked.
I worked in a retirement community for a few years and knew many elderly residents who drove and some that shouldn't have been.
I remember one lady I dearly loved who was still driving up until she was placed in the Altzheimer's unit. Isn't that frightening?

We went out to eat yesterday to celebrate Keisha's birthday. While at the restaurant she noticed a family using sign language. We found out the parents were deaf but the children were hearing.
Dan conversed with them for awhile. By the way deaf people can drive if their car is specially equipped. They have a sensor put in that when a siren is near it trips a light much like they have for doorbells.
Statisticly, deaf people have one of the safest driving records of all the population. I wonder if it is because they are not distracted by sound stimulus as we are? It is neat to know Keisha will be able to drive when she is older.

She went to her new sbhool today for testing. I went along to meet her new teacher. She is being mainstrreamed into a regular classroom.
Her teacher is about my age yet has never had a hearing impaired student before. She said Keisha will teach her as well as MS. Fabian teaching Keisha.
I like her school a lot. The hallways are carpeted and they play classical music very soft. The rule is if you can't hear the music you are talking too loud.
The principal looks to be a no nonsense woman yet also kind.
I think Keisha is going to love it there.

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