Sunday, July 13, 2003

Welcome to a piece of my mind! I have a few comments to make today.

First of all, today is a terrific day. It feels almost springlike instead of the dead of summer. I don't hurt as much as I have in awhile. I still hurt just not as much. This fibromyalgia is such a mystery, isn't it? I have done a lot of resting and I think that accounts for me feeling a little better. I try to keep a good attitude which isn't always easy. People don't really want to hear about anothers' aches and pains.
I write a lot about it because I think it might help other suffers of my " fmily " and even might educate somne who don't have it.
It takes a lot to open up like this.
Dan revealed to me that all the kids thought I was a hypochondriac when they were younger. It hurt to hear that but I appreciated the honesty. My younger ones don't ever remember Mom not being sick. They are 22 and 24 years old now. I think all of them feeling that way has influenced how they feel about me today.
It affects how they perceive my mental illness. They don't want to accept that it is real. And I think it scares them that its hereditary. If they can ignore me they can ignore the possibility of it in their own selves.
The most compassionate one is Dan. How he turned out as a caring person and the other 3 to be so self-absorbed is one of my mysteries.

I listened to Robert Schuller this morning. I have always appreciated his positive approach to the Scriptures.
Today he spoke on all kinds of possibility.
The one song sang was " The Impossible Dream " from Man from La Mancha. I first heard it in high school. It became my theme song.
The words to that song have been my basic mantra throughout my life.
I haven't accomplished all that I thought I would in life these many years later however I am pleased with where I am.
I never gave up. I have integrity and tenacity. That will be part of my legacy. And, to have an incredible sense of humor. I especially at this age do not take myself or life too seriously.
I recognize and celebrate that I am having the life I have not necessarily the one I planned.
Recognizing that gives me the peace that surpasses all understanding.
I attempt to live my faith everyday. And when I trust in HIm I am never disappointed.
It is easier now to let go and let God. I have lived long enough to know now that if I get myself out of it the outcome will reflect the peace that He intends for all His children.
That was a lesson that took years to learn. Everytime I thought I had it I found out no I didn't. I would get so discouraged.
And I had nerve enough to believe I was a patient person. The audacity of me.

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