Saturday, July 12, 2003

I browsed the Presidential Haiku that Dan posted for me. Quite interesting. On the same note, I just finished reading a book called " George and Laura".
It is about the life of our President and the First Lady. I was interested in it because I like biographies; he was my Govenor in Texas and she my First Lady; I am fascinated with the family; and, I wanted to learn more about them as people, not just what we learn from the media.
I learned some interesting facts; why did it take him so long to return to the White House on 9/11?
The public was made aware that a direct threat had made to Air Force One. The person who called in the threat to the White House knew the security code for Air Force One and where it was.
That is when the directive that all commercial aircraft were grounded. That included the jet that his parents were on headed to Minnesota. They were grounded in Green Bay, Wisconsin.
The President was demanding to return to D.C. however the Vice- President and Secret Service won out. It is unfair that Americans have had their president portrayed as a wimp on that day.
The Press should get their facts straight before they report to the public what they think they know.
The book was fair in the portrayal of the Bushes as real people including their weaknesses as well as their strengths.

Another book I read this week was " Standing in the Rainbow " by Fannie Flagg. You may recall that she also wrote " Fried Green Tomatoes at the Whistle Stop Cafe " that was later done in film.
This too was enjoyable. Whilke reading it you would think it was a true story. That is her style of writing.

I haven't blogged for awhile. I thouraghly enjoyed my visit with my family at my sister's party last Sunday.

I can say we all changed over 9 and 1/2 years. My oldest sister looked very well for being in her 60's now. I have resembled her my entire life so maybe there is hope for me yet!
She lost a considerable amount of weight, had a flattering hairstyle ( which I have never known her to have ) and she now wears glasses.
I was able to visit with several neices and nephews and meet their children.
I can now confirm that it was my oldest great-nephew that we saw on the news a few weeks ago. He was at a Reds game and leaned over to kiss his girlfriend and was caught on the screen. His probation officer was present and saw him and had him arrested on the spot.
Someone forgot to tell David that he has " Mitchell ' blood and therefore Murphy's law applies!

I can't believe how many great-neices and nephews I have now.

The only one that really hadn't changed was my youngest brother. Surprising, with all the stress he is under.

Got to meet DJ, the newest member of our family. She is an adorable little girl. She and Keisha became best friends in about 10 seconds.

I am worried about my Oscar in Texas. He has a lot of health problems right now. He isn't a very good patient so I'm sure he is giving somebody a hard time. When we were together I could smooth over the rough edges for him.
He needs me with him but is having a hard time admitting it. He doesn't like to think of himself " needing " anyone.
And, he is still angry with me about some things.
I keep him in my prayers many times a day. You know, you can't help who you love. We always said we believed God brought us together. I stay with that knowledge in my heart and am able to weather the storms.
He can infuriate me sometimes yet I still love him so I can forgive.
I know who he is inside better than he knows himself. I think that ticks him off sometimes.
We are each others best friend. That is why we have survived the storms over these four years.

It looks like Dan may have found a job. Be in prayer with us that it pans out. These kids have been throught the wringer this past year.

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