Friday, May 16, 2003

I have another Keisha story. This morning she was reading about " Snow White and the Seven Little Boys!" Isn't that funny? She is 5 so I guess to her they looked like little boys.
She looks so cute today. Her Mom curled her hair but first put some kind of gel in it. Her Dad was sitting next to her and commented on the smell. He concluded that it must be his inner white self coming out!
There was jazz music on the radio and Keisha decided to dance. But, she was a few tempos ahead of the beat so we said it was inner dark white self coming out. She was more like a rock star than a jazz singer.
Last night she came in my room and asked if I wanted to spend time with her. I said sure thinking she meant she would climb in my bed and we would read a story. No. She wanted to go camping. So she spent about 10 minutes gathering all the material she needed to go camping. She spent about 10 minutes if that long playing. The only thing I did was put a cover over my chair and told her it could be a cave. She went into the cave, got scared because there were spiders and decided not to play anymore.
So much for us spending time together!
Today I go back to the doc to find out the results of my echocardiogram. I pray it is OK. If it isn't I will deal with it as I have everything else in my life.
I want to talk to her about all the pain in my back. I don't think it is all fibromyalgia. Sometimes it feels like bone on bone. And I have limited range of motion.
I did find my denial papers from Social Security from last year. My therapist says they have people there that help you fill out the paperwork and guide you through the steps. She says I should receive it. That would be a blessing to have some income of my own coming in.
She sys if its approved it goes back to when I originally filed. I could get a good car. I presently drive a 1983 Nissan Maxima. I named her Maxine. Maxine and I have been to hell and back however at some point in the future she will have to retire. Right now the drivers side window doesn't go down so if I go someplace that requires it I pull up a little further open the door and get out. For instance, when I go to the hospital today at the parking garage I will have to get out to get the ticket and then get out to hand it to the fella at the booth when I leave.
In the whole scheme of things its a little thing.

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