Thursday, May 08, 2003

Keisha is officially enrolled in the school we wanted for kindergarten!! It's a year round proram which we feel will be terrific for her.
I have been reminicing(?sp) about some of the cute things she has done. I remember back in the winter one day she was learning about the letter "Q". That night we were having taquitos. I said,"Keisha, did you know there is "Q" in taquitos. She looked surprised and looked into her taquito and said " I don't see it". We cracked up and of course she didn't understand why we were laughing. Her Dad explained it to her.
Last night we were in the backseat and I don't remember how it all started but she decided to pretend she broke my right hand. So I played along and brought up situations that I was now going to need help. She wasn't going to help me except to hand me a washcloth if I closed the shower curtain because she did not want to see my body!
She then decided she maybe could get my slacks out of the bottom drawer of the dresser for me. About this time we arrived at the restaurant. I pretended to wonder how I was going to eat. She then said, " It's fixed. It was only broke for 17 minutes!!
She liked our waitress therefore she was invted to her birthday part in July. If she likes you, you will be invited to her party.The bus driver in the afternoon has been invited, for instance.
Did anyone watch Oprah the last two days? It was about transgendering or some name like that.
My question is if you know all your life you feel you really are the oppsite sex why marry someone and then stay married 20 years and have children?
I feel it was/is selfish of these people to do this. I mean I really think its wrong and I consider myself to be a compassionate person.
Watching that show made the people I see at my therapy office to be not ill.
And I see some pretty kooky people.
I am enjoying the sprintime. Its just been very rainy so it affects my back.
I have really enjoyed reading Barbara Bush's Memoir.I thought she was a terrific first lady.
My sister may be adopting a little girl. That's kind of exciting to me. DJ will be the youngest member of the clan.
I have 4 brothers and 4 sisters. I am the middle child,5th of 9. There would have been 10 but my first brother was stillborn. My mother, God rest her soul, never got over that loss. I think it affected my parents to where nowadays they would have received counseling.Back then,62 years ago it just wasn't discussed. It was a shame too as I think my mother would have benifitted from a support group and counseling.Both my parents and my siblings suffer from depressive issues. Some admit it, some don't. We are not a close family at all.
My parents were both only children. I think they coped the best they knew how but unfortunately tit wasn't good enough.I suffered through a lot of trauma due to them being inadequate.
Anyway, that's enough about that for awhile.
So that is wh My granddaughters bring me so much happines. One I don't really get to see and the other I live with.

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