Monday, May 26, 2003

Today is the day we celebrate Memorial Day. It has added significance this year. I want to thank all our servicepeople for defending our freedoms. I wonder how many Americans take them for granted even though we just went through a war and are still involved in conflict around the world.
Much blood has been shed from the Revolutionary War until now to defend our freedom.
We hear it all the time and I think a lot of us just tune it out after awhile. I caution us to think again.
There is the country music song out right now called " Have You Forgotten ". I think it says what we need to be reminded of today. There is a lesser known song from a few years ago sung by Billy Ray Cyrus that I had on a tape about a Vietnam Vet that was particularly poignant. I can't remember the name of it right now but if you look at his earlier music you will find it.

Then there are the unsung heroes.We hear that phrase often,don't we? What does it mean? For me it is the families who lost a loved one. Your loss is significant to me.
I may not have known him /her and I can't say I know how you feel but I can say that I have a son in the Navy and I think of him everyday, many times a day and know the pain I would feel where he called to give the ultimate, his life. My comfort is in my faith and hope he has made his peace with his Creator.

Think of the police force that is called upon now more than ever to keep us safe; and the firefighters who serve and protect unselfishly for you.
I come from a firefighters' family. I can tell you first hand when my Dad would come home and there would be a loss of life. It affected him deeply.
And for us kids when he had to work on a holiday and we would see the neighborhood families load up in their cars to go to a picnic or a day of fun and we were left behind.
It was lonely.
So think of the kids involved and if you know one personally include them if you can. Just don't pretend they don't exist.
I will close by saying, PJ, I thank you and I am proud that you chose to wear the uniform and stand up to be counted as one who would give your life for so many people you don't know and some who don't care.
I know the plans you have for your future and understand the sacrifice you are making. Son, you are my hero and I honor you today.
Thank you. Love forever, Mom.

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