Saturday, May 24, 2003

We haven't been feeling good around here for probably about a week now. I think its allergies. My doctor gave me Flonase this time and I take Clarinex ( prescription ) and I still have the watery eyes, stuffed up head bones in the face hurting, etc.
I have become the family drug pusher. " Here, you need a heavy duty Ibuprofen?--Here, take a couple of sniffs of Flonase". I even checked the Flonase to see if the granddaughter could have some. I didn't want her to be left out.
My daughter-in-law came up w/ some concotion the other night that was supposed to help. Houndstooth Tea. OH MY GOD. I don't think I have ever tasted anything so bad in my life. I have had Vietnamese coffee and my first mother-in-laws cooking and this topped that. The stuff in the bag looks like something some farmer swept up out of his barn, if you get my drift. And it don't taste much better, my friend.

Of course its going to rain. Its a holiday weekend. And I can feel the coming attraction in my back. I used to think old people were crazy when they'd talk about their aches and pains and the weather when I was young. Now, I'm one of them. I've crossed over to the other side.
It isn't all bad. I remember my Dad saying around the time he turned 70 that he didn't care anymore what people thought. That's about the time he started wearing his " go to Hell cap " kind of like something Hemmingway wore. Yeah, dear old Dad, God rest his soul. He was a character. I miss him. I used to call him at least once a week. I lived in Texas and he lived in Ohio.
He used to worry over my phone bill. I'd tell him to quit worrying over my damn bill and talk to me. He's been gone past 9 years now.
I think I got to ask him everything I wanted to. We talked a lot about what it was like to get old.
See, I never thought my Dad was old, just getting older. He said it was hell to get old.
Everyone wanted him to quit smoking. He told me sometime in that last year, " I gave up drinking. I hadly cuss anymore. Barely have sex. Don't eat out like I used to. Hell, I gotta have one vice!" Yep. That was Dad.
He and I had a pact. If there was an afterlife I wanted him to visit once in awhile through the scent of yellow roses. Well, I can't tell you the times I've smelled roses and there were no flowers anywhere.I would end up with an answer that I searching for. I never realized until a couple of years ago that yellow roses would smell like white ones or red ones. I just told him yellow because that was his favorite and I lived in Texas and you all know the State song, The Yellow Rose of Texas.

I hope everyone has a fun, safe holiday weekend. Please, don't drink and drive.

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