Friday, May 09, 2003

Today, I am so tired and groggy. I had checked out a book from the library about manic-depression. Kind of interesting but hard to keep reading. It was more a manual for clinicians, etc. I did, however, find out WHY I stay tired. Most of my medicatiions have a half life of 20 hours or more. Some of these I take up to 3X a day.
I guess they (docs ) know what they are doing.
My Keisha is really precious. At lunch today she was telling me about seeing one of her classmates at the audiologist. He has a cochlear implant. I asked her if she thought she would want one if it helped her hear better. She said, no. ( I think she is afraid of the operation, understandably so). She said anyway he still signs. So she taught me a couple more which I hope I remember.
Her 2nd toothcame out yesterday. I asked her if the tooth fairy came last night. Nope. So I slipped into her room and put a dollar under her pillow. I came back to the table and said to her that maybe she should check again since we had so much rain last night maybe she couldn't come. Maybe she came while she was gone to see Ms. Joanne
( audiologist ). Well guess what! She did come! She has this toy that shines red so she had to check it all out. I explained that the picture on the front was of our President, George Washington. She tried to tell her Dad but got it jumblrd up. She said,"wait a minute" came back to me to say it in her ear again and then she got it right.
She is funny sometimes but she has a choleric temperment. Her parents have to keep on her. They are great parents. Both my granddaughters have terrific parents. My oldest daughter is a single Mom and she done very well in her situation.
When she was 12 I put the mother's curse on her. You know the one, I hope you grow up and have a child just like you. Well, she did!
I feel so bad for all the tornado and flood victims. I went through a flood in '94 and lost just about everything we owned. My hugest regret is that I lost just about all the pictures.
I tell everyone now, put them in Ziplockbags or Tupperware and have an adress/Phone# in with it in case they are blown away they can be brought back to you.
I really reccomend Tupperware. Anything that was in Tupperware floated and whatever was inside was dry.
( No I don't sell Tupperware; it just happens to live up to its reputation.)
Anything that was in Rubbermaid or some other brand was compromised.
So, along with that if you get doubles made be sure to give the extras away so if you lose all yours you will have a resource to get them back.
We had 5 ft. of water and couldn't get back into the house for 4 days so what the water didn't get the moisture did.
Another subject but equally important. Check your smoke detectors and practice a fire drill in your home. Have a designated place outside that everonee knows to go to and STAY there. Do not go back in for any reason.
My Dad was a firefighter for 32 years and two husbands were volunteer firefighters. I formed 2 auxilliaries.
I really am a stickler for safety issues.

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