Sunday, May 18, 2003

We went out to eat Friday night at the " all you can possibly get down steak " Golden Corral. On the way there I sat in the back w/ Keisha. Again, she started a story of her family when she grows up. As she began I started humming and she told me I couldn't make any noise while she was talking. I kept it up and then began to ask questions as she was telling her story. I love to do that because she will come up with some real funny answers.

While we were waiting ( there was a long line ) she decided she would be the line leader. She got a little bossy and her Mom had to take her outside and talk to her. I think my kids are terrific parents because they do discipline her when she needs it. Sometimes I inadvertantly get her in trouble and I feel bad about it. Like they tell me and they are right she needs to know what's right and wrong.

She has displayed a few undesirable gestures lately that I know she has picked up at school. Jennie and I even talked about it and we can almost figure out who she learned it from by the way some of the kids live.

Why is it that kids will pick up what you don't want them to know? Mine did it too. Or, you could be available half the day but they will wait until you are on the phone to ask you 17 questions. Mine would also send notes under the bathroom door while I was in there. They would have a box to check off yes or no. They even got smarter and finally only had a box for yes.

I remember working when the 2 little ones were babies, the youngest only 3 months old. I'd come home to find a note that said, " Mom, the reason the window is laying in the backyard is Stephanie and I were practicing a fire drill and when we went to push the window it fell out. Love, your son, Danny "
I went into the backyard and there it was, the entire window, frame and all. I couldn't get into the room because they had put towels in front of the door " to block out the smoke." I had to crawl through the opening and pull away the towels to get the door open. Then I had to try to lift the window and get it back in place and nail it back together.

Another time I found a note that said, " the reason I had to punch Steph was ...." or " the reason I had to punch Danny was.... They had to leave for school about an hour after I had to leave for work. I guess they weren't really old enough to be left alone but I had no other solution at the time.

Dan said I shuld relate some of my funny experiences in my blog. That is probably true. You all probably think I have no sense of humor. I really do. In fact, Keisha tells us we pick on her. Sometimes we get banished in some way because we tease her. Dan mentioned last night about her temperament being choleric/ sanguine. I looked at him and said, you know that almost sounds like bipolar! If you don't know what I'm talking about read Personality Plus. I forget the author but I know it's a woman. She explains about the 4 temperaments and there is a test ( no right or wrong answers). You will then see which of the four you are or a combination. The goal is to incorporate all 4 into your personality. By learning this as you meet people you will immediately know which temperament they ar and how to deal with them.

My echo came back that I have a faulty mitral valve. Not to worry now she says but maybe in the future. She gave me a prescription for antibiotics to be taken an hour before any dental procedure. It seems that is a concern because bacteria could be introduced into the bloodstream and attach itself to the valve and then its a serious problem. Could be fatal.

She is going to refer me to a pain specialist. That is good. And I may have to have a hysterectomy. She is going to check me out further next month. Probably order an ultrasound. I tried not to act too excited. Not that I would look forward to surgery but to be rid of the pain and associated things. By the time you reach my age you are finished with all that as far as the use of your uterus. I have said for years, "if there is any doubt that God is male think about this. A female God would have a uterus with Velcro so when you were done with it you could just pull it out and throw it away"!

I had a doctor tell me a few years ago that I would miss all that. I told him he was crazy and that only a male doctor would come up with something like that. Just as the couple female doctors I've had over the years will run hot water over the speculum before using it for a pap smear test a male doctor would not understand why that would be important.

Anyway, that's it for now.

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