Saturday, May 31, 2003

This morning Keisha came upstairs to tell me my " baby " was tickling her and I needed to tell him to stop and he needed a spanking.
I told her that I thought a spanking was for really serious things and was it that serious that he needed to get spanked. She thought so. So when he came upstairs I told him
what she said. So I gave him one swat and she was satisfied. She said " so there".
She gets the biggest kick out of the fact that her Dad's Mom lives here and I can have some control over him.
She asked me to help her with her shower and then when she was putting her socks on she came into my room and sat in the chair and talked to me. I treasure these times. I think I'm going to have to keep " the chair" in my room even when we move.
It has become the place the family comes to share pieces of their life.

I just finished a book by Lorrie Morgan written about her late husband, Keith Whitley. It was very frank and insightful about life w/ a severe alcoholic.It was loving, fortcoming, frank and poignant and sometimes very funny.
I want to remember the quote that was said by someone from the music business about him, "when Keith Whitley started singing The room would be so quiet you could hear a mouse peeing on a cotton ball."
I love that. I love Lorrie's voice and her music and I really loved Keith Whitley's voice.

Today is a gloomy day and somewhat matches my mood. I have spent a lot of time in prayer trying to figure out what to do about my life.
I miss Oscar terribly. I miss his frankness w/ me and his being a sounding board.
For al his faults he has so much good about him too. And, I consider him my best friend.
I can't help that I love him. Lord knows I've tried not to.
He for the most part is just a big, old teddy bear.

I want al my medical stuff to be over. I don't like it hanging over my head.
I have been cycling a lot this month. I'm trying to recognize it and not act on impulse. It is a constant battle inside me.
I am going for now. I'm getting too emotional.

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