Friday, May 16, 2003

Some good news. It looks like both Dan and Jennie may have found employment. And, I've decided to look for positives if we have to move to an apartment. Everything will have to have a place and everything in its place.
Keisha will probably have kids her age to play with. Right now where we live there are no kids her age and I know she gets lonely for playmates. It would help her to further develop social skills to be around kids her age. And wouldn't it be really nice if she could find a "best" friend that she can play with and share thoughts as well as toys?
She has friends through church but she doesn't get to see them everyday.
There would probably be a playground where she could climb and swing, etc. As it is now she has to go to a park to have that and it isn't feasible to do that everyday.
Some complexes have workout rooms now and that would be a benefit to me, Dan and Jennie.
Maybe I would find another grandmother who shares similar interests and I could develop a friendship. I don't desire to have a lot of " friendships" at this stage in my life.
My experience has been that I was a friend but those I thought were friends, weren't. Everyone I had in Texas turned out to have an affair with my husband.
I blame myself because i was so needy for approval and acceptance that I took what came along. I'm sure I even sought out the wrong kind of person. Not that I am excusing their behavior because I'm not and the betrayal repeated has scarred me. I am just accepting my role in it.
Moving to an apartment would mean there would be no upkeep for the yard and if something broke the management would be responsible.
Bills would be cheaper.
Of course, I feel so sad for my kids if they have to give up the house. Its everyones dream to own your home. And, that doesn't mean sometime in the future they couldn't own again. I think they just need some time to breathe. It has been really hard on them with Dan out of work almost a year. And, he has had to face he might not ever make the money he once did.
He would really like to teach. This upcoming job will be until the end of the year.I told him that can be a blessing because it gives him a chance to get his ducks in a row so when he is layed off again he can fall right into a plan to do what he needs to begin to teach.

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