Friday, May 02, 2003

I live in Dayton, Ohio, having moved here in late October from the Houston, Texas area. Wright-Patterson AFB is located here in Dayton. I can tell you THIS is a military town!

Right now as I am writing this there is a rally going on downtown to support the troops and to reinforce our patriotism. What you may not know is that a lot of the new technology used in Operation Enduring Freedom was invented right here at Wright-Patt.

My youngest son serves presently in the Navy on the JFK , an aircraft carrier stationed at Mayport, Florida. I recently was told they will be shipped to Iraq later this year. They were in the Afganistan conflict and returned last August 17th.

I, having lived in Texas while #39 was President for the last Iraqi conflict and while #41 was govenor until elected President can say " I" am proud to be an American. I had no doubt that this president would do as he said. He is a prayerful man and would have all troops under consideration in making a decision.

I knew the possibilities yet knew he knew also what he would be asking of this country. I personally believe he has etched in his memory the aftermath of what he saw from 9/11. I don't think he will ever forget that experience. Nor, should we.

My son joined up before 9/11, and I asked him then if he regretted his decision and he answered no. I was and am very proud of him. We, his family, keep him in our prayers and thoughts everyday.

My heart aches for the mothers and families whose service member lost their life to this and any conflict. That includes Iraqi mothers and families too. I hope I don't sound too " pollyannish" over this but this is how I truly feel.

PJ---I am so proud of you because it was YOUR choice to wear the uniform. You had the freedom to say yes or no. I think most of the Iraqi soldiers didn't have that choice. Hey PJ- remember the grilling I gave the recruiter? I know some day you and I will have a good laugh over that day.

So,anyone reading this, if you are American, or live in a democratic society take a moment to reflect on your freedoms and really appreciate them. Someone, somewhere has/is paying a price for it.

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