Saturday, May 10, 2003

Those of you who visit my blog by now know that I love to share, some of you might say bore you with ( just don't ever let me hear it! ) stories of my grandaughter. She is an inter-racial ( aren't we all? ) child. She looked in the mirror and as if seeing for the first time she exclaimed, " Mommy, I'm dark white!"!!
We all just busted up. She was serious. Well, what could we do but agree with her.
She, being hearing impaired, comes up with some funny things with how she hears something. She came home one day from school and said the lady stood in front of the stage and said we COULD play outside because it was raining. I looked at her and said, " Keisha, that doesn't make sense to Nana." " Did you go outside and play?"
No. And she was quite disappointed. I told her I thought maybe the lady said they could not go outside because it was raining. She insisted, quite indignantly, I might add, that I was wrong. Well, I could have been but I don't think so.

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