Thursday, May 15, 2003

I'm back. I was really tired this morning but got up early anyway so I could " aggrvate " my granddaughter! I love to tease her. It's good teasing. Sometimes she tells me I need to change my attitude! This morning she told me no, N -O. I had to keep from laughing. She kept saying she couldn't tie her shoes and I told her she could because I've seen her do it. So, I helped her with the first one and she said it was too tight. I looked at it and the tongue was mashed up. I told he that. She said, " Tongue "? I said, " yeah, your shoes have a tongue just like you do." She thought that was funny. She was going to tell her teacher. Then I told her if she used some ingenuity she could tie the other one. She finally did and her Mom had fixed her hair real cute. I told her that if she went downstairs there was a man who would think she was adorable and give her a kiss.( her Daddy)
Then I told her if any other guys asked her for a date she had to have them agree that her Dad could come along.
I always told my kids as they were growing up if they were going to do something that I would be ashamed about they probably ought not to do it. And I would tell my daughters that if a boy asked them to do something they should't just say, " sure, but first let me call my Dad and see what he thinks".
I was joking with my son this morning. We were talking about the humor we find in our respective mental illnesses.I told him he didn't have achance for a normal life. It runs on both sides for him. I told him that was the one combined gift that we agreed on. The gift that keeps on giving!!
Some kids get money, houses, cars ,etc. from their parents but we thought we'd be unique!
My sister is in the process of adopting a 5 yr. old. This will be their 2nd adoption. Ben is 18 now. He joined the Ohio National Guard. He is so much like my youngest. He was an underachiever and lazy. Then he joined the Navy and it turned him around. So, I think Ben will benefit from the military influence.He drives his mother crazy with procrastination. I think he is scheduled to go to Kosovo around the end of the year. My son is scheduled to go to the Persian Gulf at the end of the year.
He did a stint off Afganistan last year. Keep them both in your prayers as well as all our servicepeople.
Also, pray for a lady named " Debi" that I was made aware of through Mary's Hope. She needs as much prayer as any of us can give. Also, pray for Diane and Sherry as they continue their work with Mary's Hope.
I hope by my making my issues known it will encourage others with the same issues.From what I have seen in the comments I've received it almost unanimous that is the case.
I walk each day spiritually a little closer to my God. I read from my Bible everday and find the Word of God encouraging. For others, it may some other form of a higher power. For me, I couldn't imagine not having my relationship w/Jesus. He has been with me through it all and that is why I am still here. All the glory goes to HIm.
When it gets tough I think about what it must have been like for Him. Especially, when it came down to the last wek. To be ridiculed,betrayed by your closest of friends, to carry the cross that meant your own physical pain and eventual death.However, the most beautiful part was the Ressurection. He did what He said He would do. He fulfilled the prophesy throughout Scripture. And because He was willing we are offered eternal salvation. What a gift. I am so humbled by the whole story. So many times I have called out His name for help as well as praise.
I don't usually pray a structered prayer. I do use the Lord's prayer as a guideline. Think of each line and what it represents. And do you know that there is a chapter of the
Proverbs for each day of the month?
So if you don't know what to read that's a place to start. If you need prayer let me know as I do a lot of intercessory prayer. I'd be happy to add anyone to my list.

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