Sunday, May 25, 2003

I stand corrected; my son reminded me its called Horehound tea. Doesn't that sound delightful! He and I talk about some of the craziest things. We try to gross each other out a lot.What a wonderful connection we have! The mother/son bond knows no bounds!

Have you ever really studied a restaurant menu and pondered over the descriptions? A " happy " combination of... A " delightful " whatever.." tickle your taste buds".
Next time you eat out check the menu and see what you come up with. Have any of these descriptions causd you to pick an item over another? Not me. I go for what the ingredients are and I couldn't care if they were delightful or happy.
I've never had MY tastebuds tickled. I wonder if I should bring this to the attention of management next time!

I waitressed as one of my many clever career moves in my day. I remember walking into a Denny's one time and " asking to part of their family"! We ate there often and the girls knew my sense of humor. I have to say that advertisement won me over. It wasn't the fact that I had 4 small children and the lights, gas water and phone were threatened to be cut off or the furniture to be reposessed; no I wanted to be part of the Denny's family!
Then I fell 3 months later and when I went about the business of trying to collect worker's comp Denny's disowned me. What a family; not unlike my birth family.

We have had 2 girls that are the daughters of my kids friend staying with us for the weekend. The Mom went on a singles outing to Virginia Beach w/ their church.
They are good little girls (5 and 4 ) but you mix in our 5 yr old and what do you get? A lot of giggling at bedtime and a lot of nit picking during the day. I told Jennie last night it reminded me of when I was raising all of mine and I did child care. ( another slick carreer move on my part ) Actually, I loved doing the child care when I did it. I look back now and don't know how I did it.
I was a well oiled machine back then and probably a liitle more than manic.I kept a spotless house and had a curriculum I followed and had lots of outside stuff.
I had a color coded system. Each child was designated a color and that color went for everything. No fighting over I want that color.
Each child had a designated spot for their naptime and no fighting over that issue.
Each child was equal so no fighting over one got more than another.
I had certain games, activities, movies etc., that were only brought out on rainy days. That way they were fresh each time. I rotated toys every 2 weeks.I had 4 boxes so they only played with specific toys for 2 weeks and it was 2 months until they saw those toys again.
I had certain rules and they had to be followed or I wouldn't care for your child. They were pretty simple begining w/ You had to want to interview me and spend time at my home before you chose me as your sitter. Believe it or not, I did have mothers that wanted to just drop their children off sight unseen based on someone else's reccomendation. However flattering that may be I never understoood a mother who cared so little about her chil that she would dump him off to a stranger.
Most of " my kids " never wanted to go home. They would want to spend the night and sometimes I did let them.
I ususally bought a new toy or game or movie each weekend ( sometimes all 3 ) so they were excited to come on Mondays to see what was new. And we always had new activities w/ the curriculum.
On Fridays they got a special treat to take home if they " were good" all week. That meant I didn't have to do time out more than once each day. I strictly adhered to it because if I would have given in it would have lost its specialness.
People would come to visit even at a meal or snacktime and they would be amazed at how well behaved all the kids were.
I was pretty proud of them myself and always let them know it
Those were the days. Lots of energy and vitality. What I wouldn't give to go back to those times.
Yet, I enjoy this time in my life too. There is a satisfaction knowing you have done your job. You either did it well or you failed but that pat is over and you enjoy what you now have.

I am probably getting more like my Dad only 20 something years sooner. I don't much care what people think about me now. Boy, it sure used to bother me when I was younger. I know who and what I am and why I do what I do and if it pleases you, terific and if it doesn't its pretty much your problem because I am not going to waste too much of what time I may left to worry about it.

My worries are on the bigger pictures. Are my children and granddaughters safe and happy? Is there anything more I can do to cause them to be safe and happy? Usually not. So that is taken care of. I do have anxiety but its usually about myself personally.

I don't worry a lot about terroism for instance. I pay attention and do recognize my surroundings and if something seemed suspicious I'd report it. What it really boils down to is we as a nation have to have one collective neighborhood watch. I've been reporting suspicious behavior to authorities for years. Its up to them then to do with the info what they will. If we each do our part we al will be safer.
I worry more over the regular thugs out there. The " everyday " crime is what is closer to home. The car thefts or jackings. The rapist, burgular, the child molester or abductor. If you pay attention to these things you will notice the possible terrorist activity that might be going down in your community.
I don't recomend this but I have been known to walk up to a car in my strreet that is parked for awhile and is not usually ther and ask what they are doing.
One time a guy actually told me he was waiting for a neighbor to leave because he was having an affair w/ the wife. Knowing her, I believed him. I didn't get involved w/that one.
Usualyy, when asked someone would have a lame excuse but they would leave. And, I would call the police and give a description of the car and license when I could see it.
We never really had crime in my immmediate neighborhood.
So, there you go. I am going to close for today and wish you all a blessed day and be happy and safe.
Please don't drink and drive.

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