Tuesday, May 06, 2003

Today, Jennie surprised me . She had asked if I wanted to go with her to run a couple of errands. I was laying down because my back and hip were hurting and it felt like it was going to be an episode of sciatia. I haven't had that in awhile and wasn't looking forward to another episode.
When I declined she looked disaappointed and said she'd wait a little while to see how I felt.
I felt bad that I might have disappointed her and was thinking of a way I could try to go with her. I saw my cane and thought maybe if I used it I could go. I went out aand told her this.
So away we went. We drove alittle ways and ended up at a clothing store. I thought maybe she was getting something for Keisha. After we went inside she said," Happy Mothers' Day"! She helped me find something. It was a difficult decision. Shorts. Jeans or a dress ? I finally decided to get a nice dress to wear to church. She threw in some new undies too!
Then we ended up at a beauty shop. I thought maybe she was going to get some hair products or something. No, she was going to pay for me to get a haircut. I haven't cut my hair for about 3 years so it was long. I usually just pulled it into a ponytail. She certainly surprised me.
Later, Keisha wanted me to make up a story. About Barbie! Jennie asked Keisha if Nana told great stories. She answered with, " NO, just good ones."
The honesty of little ones is precious.

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