Monday, May 05, 2003

Last night I had the best time with Keisha. She makes up the best stories and I go along with it and egg her on!
She is going to get married and have 4 kids like I did.At first I couldn't come over because I would be too old and she didn't want old people at her house. Then i Told her that her Mom and Dad would be older so decided I could come, but, I had to drive myself.What if I couldn't see so well? Maybe it would be OK for my son to drive me over.
I wanted to come 3 x a week but she said only 1 time and I would have to bring my own ketchup ( she drowns her food in ketchup). I told her I would be a guest and should have ketchup for her guests to use if they wanted to and I also wanted hot sauce. She said OK to that, reluctantly.
Her husbands' name is either going to be " Uncle or Dan". ( Dan is her Dad's name.)
She is going to have a dog and cat. The dog is going to be named " Icky " ( her Grandpa in INdiana has a dog named Icky ). The cat is going to be named " Sagwa" ( the PBS show).
She is going to live in an apartment that looks like a house.
I can't rememeber the rest but she was very entertaining. She likes to slip in my room and we just "chat" for a few minutes. I am happy about this because I can envision her older and confiding in me. We have a "secret" sign. It's the sign name for angel. I always make the I love you sign and kiss my fingers and blow them to her and she catches them and does the same to me ;unless she doesn't like me at that time.
I also go in her room at night and blow " Nana " kisses all over. They get in her closet and on the curtains and under her bed. I started this after an episode of her waking up one night afraid of monsters.
I never told her it was to get rid of the monsters but I think it gives her a sense of security along with prayer which is most important.

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