Monday, May 19, 2003

Today is an absolutely gorgeous day.The sun is shining and it is maybe 70 degrees. We are supposed to get a storm tonight, though. I am just enjoying this while its available.

This morning before she left for school Keisha told me she had a dream. In it her Dad got arrested and had to go to jail. I asked her how long was he going to be in jail. She answered for 54 years. I told her that I was glad it ws only a dream because if it was true he wouldn't be able to come to her birthday party. ( being invited to her birthday party is a big deal ). Then I told her all the other things he would miss. She wasn't too happy about that.
I'm not sure what his offense was but it was probably because he teased her too much! I'm surprised I wasn't arrested too.
I told her that I get up before she goes to school just so I can aggravate her!

Yesterday, she told me she didn't like Dragontails anymore. So today I told her we would have to turn the TV off when it came on. She changed her mind. She likes Clifford.
She thinks her dog, Jake is like Clifford. And she calls Emily Elizabeth, Emidee Rizabef.

Last night she came in my room and sat in the chair. I was reading a letter. She asked me what was I thinking about. I told her that I was reading this letter. She says, " No, what are you thinking about?" I answered the same thing. She got disgusted with me and walked away and said," you don't get it." I guess I didn't.
Before she left I said, " Keisha, is there something you want to talk about with me?" She just walked out.

I was thinking when we move to put this chair in the living room but maybe I should keep it in my room because she comes in everyday to talk to me and so does Dan.
It is a comfortable chair and I guess its kind of like the sounding board.
Keisha comments all the time, " Nana, I like your room."
In the past month she grown attached to me and its very sweet. It is a special bond. I love her very much.

Jake scratched her ankle yesterday and she came in the house really crying. ( she can be so sorrowful and mournful) I asked her what was wrong and she told me. She had her baby washcloth tied around her ankle. I asked if I could help her by putting medicine on it and she said yes.
So I got some witch hazel and dabbed a little on some tissue and rubbed all around her ankle. I couldn't see where he scratched her but I didn't tell her that. She said Jake di it on purpose. I had to keep from laughing.I told I thought it was probably an accident and Jake was probably sorry.
When she felt she had enough attention she went back outside and sat on the bench with her Dad and he diverted her attention by making up a story and then I told her how there were so many frogs that would come in my yard at night and during the day we had little lizards ( skinks ) that would crawl around on the trees and walways and they would change colors depending on where they were.
Then it was time to eat and the ankle problem never surfaced again.

I just talked to my ex-husband in Texas. He is waiting on the airconditioning man to show up. Their low was 80 degrees last night. My youngest daughter is doing well in college. I am really proud because she has learning disabilities. Her goal is to get all the English and Math courses out of the way before she starts nursing school.
Plus she works ful time. She is a pretty terrific lady. She is mad at me and hasn't spoken to me in a few months and I'm not sure what I did wrong. I think it was that I moved back to Ohio.
I E-mail her at least once a week and let her know I love her.

My youngest son is in the Navy. He was planning on getting married in December but found out he will be shipped to Japan later this year and she won't be able to go with him. Personally, I think this could be good because I am not sure she has the maturity needed to be married yet. I've known her a long time. She usd to work for me and that is how they met. She has trust issues which is a problem within herself that she needs to address and work out.But, I love her too.

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